Glass Vial snail-link bracelet personalized with Your Name on a Grain of Rice

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Let me know what name you want to be written the rice (max. of 15 characters). If you have any questions please contact me.
Let me know the design you want (choose one of the sample designs). Optionally, instead of one name and a design, you can have two names with ♡ hearts between names.

This is among our favorite and unique gifts for that someone special – or as a gift to yourself! A name is put on one side of the rice and a small design is put on the other side. Or, have two names with a ♡ heart in between them. The rice is encapsulated in a glass vial suspended in liquid to magnify the fine detail. Finally, it is sealed with pewter caps to be preserved for years of enjoyment. The charm displayed on stainless steel snail-link chain bracelet.
Each piece is custom made to order. Please allow 2 weeks for the delivery of your items.

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