About Rice Originals

We make unique jewelry, perfect for everyday wear and memorable gifts for any occasion. For over 25 years we’ve hand-crafted each of our miniature pieces of art using only the highest quality materials and utmost care.

Rice Jewelry

Rice art is considered to bring good luck, hence some of its most popular forms are good luck pendants, hope bracelets, and charms.

Origins of Rice Writing

Rice writing originated in ancient Turkey, the oldest example of which lies in Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. Ancient artisans who were skilled in making miniature paintings decided to turn their skill into making art with what had always been an ancient symbol of prosperity. The artisans would inscribe messages or names on a single grain of rice after it was treated and polished. Grains that were long and flat were favorites as they offered proper surfaces for writing. Apart from Turkey, India also had a large number of artisans skilled in making miniature art including rice art.

Symbolism of Rice

For hundreds of years, rice has had a different significance to different cultures. In western cultures, we have tossed rice at a wedding couple to bless them with good fortune and fertility. In Japan, to own grain of rice artwork is a sign of prosperity.

Rice Writing Today

Over time rice writing and rice art has evolved, eventually creating rice jewelry where the rice grain was enclosed in a vial with a liquid that magnifies the individual grain making it easier to appreciate the painstaking and intricate details. Today, rice jewelry is appreciated for its beauty and symbolism, as well as the accomplishment of the artist in writing on the small grain.

A Time-Honored Tradition and Unique Gift

Rice Originals will handwrite your name or short message on one side of the grain of rice and draw a design on the other side. The rice is then placed in an oil-filled vial (to preserve and magnify the grain) and set in your choice of jewelry. You’ll have a unique conversation piece that will be a treasured keepsake for years to come.